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Sorry, Caitlyn…but Bruce is a FRAUD!

A celebrity, whose face and name already command media attention, is one who is well positioned to become an effective spokesperson, by taking the struggle to the airwaves in hopes of bringing change, tolerance, and understanding to an entire class whose aggregate voice may not be as loud or as resounding had it wished.

Bruce Jenner had a better chance of becoming that effective, perennial spokesperson to the transgender community which desperately needed–still needs–his help. But, although he came out with a vengeance, I think he missed his chance to be a hero, and he missed it by a country mile. Yes, I know, I know, the new and transformed Jenner has been paraded around on every conceivable magazine cover and talkshow, being called courageous and gutsy for displaying a much needed heroism by bringing about an uncomfortable issue to the forefront of Mainstream America.

It’s true that Mainstream America had conveniently neglected the transgender issue, and what better way to grab everybody’s attention than parading the once proclaimed Best Athlete in the Nation in a dress while throwing around femininity like it were going out of style. Well, I wished it happened that way but it didn’t. What we got as our hero instead was an old wrinkly man who is best known for his stepdaughters than he is for his Olympic prowess.

We know Bruce as that weird looking guy who does god’s know what in that weird reality show. The show, the girls in the show, and everything in between is presumed crazy, imbalanced, and eccentric at best. Hero; I think not, but a calculating, shrewd business person who was waiting for his time to milk on the impressionable young with a Twitter account; absolutely! We know him to be part of a decadent reality show that was built on a sex tape. If anybody did anything outrageous on that show, none of us would even blink with astonishment. But regardless, those dumb-looking, dumb-acting but very smart girls, built an empire based on that craziness. And Mr. Jenner stayed on board of that gravy train until his own gravy became thick enough to be lucrative.

Bruce kept Caitlyn in the closet for all those years because the dollars did not make sense. He said he was living in hell while hiding his true identity. Really? It’s not like he didn’t know who he was when he married Kris or when he got involved with the infamous TV show. He absolutely did and chose to remain silent. But while he was biding his time, do you know how many transgendered people would have truly benefited had he come out 8-10 years ago? Do you know how much pain he would have alleviated from these poor souls who were really, I mean really, suffering in silence? How many of them he could have rescued by coming out and standing as a role model for them?

Don’t tell me he came out on his own time and that’s heroic because being a hero and being a martyr is not really about him or for him but for the others who live vicariously through a powerful, famous personality like him. Knowing that Bruce was actually Caitlyn would have given so many transgendered persons real, tangible hope about themselves, their lives, and their individual standing in this pseudo-tolerant world. These young people are the reason why the transgender issue matters to us all because they are suffering in silence and they don’t know what to do, where to go, and how to resolve their reality.

Think about it! What did Bruce gain by declaring he is a woman at the age of 60+? Nothing but our collective countenance to walk around in dresses. Not even his sexual orientation or preference became a topic of discussion, because what do we care what the sex life of an old has-been is or pertains to be? He never said anything and she has yet to suggest one way or another. In short, Bruce did not mention anything about his orientation, which, if you think of it, is the main issue that boggles the straight as well as the homosexual mind, so is it fair to assume he is still straight or was he ever? I don’t know and I don’t care.

MESSAGE TO MR. JENNER: Let not our desperation, Senor Bruce, in wanting to find a heroic figure that will fight the good fight be misconstrued for our unfettered glee to Ms. Jenner’s coronation as our freedom fighter. Nor should our unwavering insistence, to live under an umbrella of all that is fair and noble be mistaken for our countenance to accept your claim to have been a legitimate victim living a life of purgatory. We see through you as we do for her. You, Sir, are no hero, but your extraction is an inspiration.

Don’t get me wrong. We all got behind Ms. Jenner because we loved what she represents: a woman who, once trapped in a man’s body, came out with strength, sass, and grace, to claim her deserved seat among the many wrinkles of humanity. Good for her! And as far as I’m concerned, she is and will always be a welcomed member in the world I live in. And as long as I have breath in my lungs and strength in my arms, I promise to shun those who refuse to accept her, and ostracize those who resist her inclusion. But to call you, Mr. Bruce Jenner, the one who held in captivity all these years, a hero; a martyr to those who are trapped in a mixed-up, underground world with no option but to suffer in silence, I think not!

I believe Caitlyn is a victim of circumstance and she deserves our support and compassion, but Bruce is a calculating, opportunistic, and conniving businessman who doesn’t deserve our praise nor our sympathy. What he did by coming out is selfishly motivated and by no means comparable to martyrdom for those who are really suffering at the hands of an intolerant world.

Bruce had all the time in the world to make his anguish known to us, but chose to wait until the Kardashian gravy train run dry. He claims to have stayed in the closet because he was worried about “the children,” and yet, the children are still affected by the decision to share his Renaissance to the world. Coming out earlier when he could have shared his true turmoil with the rest of the transgendered–actually living in hiding and in misery– would have so mattered, in all the sense of the word, and he could have become a bonafide hero.

But by coming out conveniently as he did, all that he shared with the world is that he is, as we all knew him, a part of a bigger perversion that is the Family Kardashian. An old Olympic athlete who likes to parade around wearing women clothing and nothing more. A circus show with an unpleasant clown, that, at the age of 60 something, has possibly nothing of pertinence to share, and if he did, it would be no more that triggering sad tears. It is comical to think that Bruce is able to share or champion an important cause like the one Caitlyn is embedded in. It is simply that his daughters are moving on and the time has come for the attention to be on him so that he can parade himself as a wrinkled old man in dresses and cash in on mindless ratings. And that, ladies and gentlemen, it is the same old song his family has been peddling on TV for the last decade.
But throughout all this mess, what is forgotten is Caitlyn and her true story, and not to mention, all those transgendered persons waiting for a savior who have been taken for a Hollywood ride.

Caitlyn is real and deserves our sympathy but Bruce, who really is the one running this theatre of farce, is neither sympathetic nor a hero. He is simply someone who saw an opportunity to continue with his daughters’ foolishness but along the way, decided to pick a serious topic that maybe, just maybe, the world would not see him for the buffoon that he really is. Unfortunately, to my own detriment, I don’t see him as a buffoon. Au contraire ma petite lady! In fact, I see him as smart and calculating as his stepdaughters, and perhaps even smarter. But since a sex video and an enormously oversized backside are out of the question, he conveniently chose to wear a dress and decided to make a mockery out of a real and serious issue while, along the way, why not pick up a little change.

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