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My strongest passion is empowering people to search for and find happiness. I know that this search is often a very difficult journey. In those moments when your journey becomes overwhelming and finding your happiness seems impossible, I want you to reach out to 10 concepts for Strength To Be, Courage To Do and Direction to Go Forward.

I want to share the 10 concepts with you through these simple products as you pursue your happiness.

– Dr. Tseday

Available Products


Brown/Pink crewneck, short-sleeve t-shirts each with “let go”, “create”, and “breathe” on front.

Available in sizes S/M/L/XL (sizes run small).

100% cotton.

White shirts are currently unavailable.

Price: $17.99 each

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Beautifully scented and decorated 9-oz. soy jar candles. Non-toxic, slow-burning, and cotton lead-free wicks.

Pomegranate with “let go” label, Mandarin Grapefruit with “create” label and Green Tea & Ginger with “breathe” label.

(Scents and labels not interchangeable)

Price: $7.99 each

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These are 10 most inspiring concepts around which you can build your happiness – Dr. Tseday

  • let go
  • adjust
  • live
  • breathe
  • create
  • decide
  • evolve
  • get right up
  • inquire
  • laugh

Originally Designed and Photographed by Dr. Tseday Aberra.

Price: $19.99/10 cards

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