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Ask Dr. Tseday: August 4, 2009

VH from Newport Beach, CA asks: I just found out that my wife has been talking to this guy at work and after work. I’m really angry with her because that’s like cheating on me. I’m not sure how to handle this. Maybe divorce is the solution. I don’t know.

Dr. Tseday responds: More often than not, wives talk to other men when their husbands don’t talk with them, listen to them, spend time with them, etc. Without getting angry, ask her what this guy is providing. Then, you give her what she needs so she doesn’t have to go outside the marriage to fulfill them.

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Dr. Tseday is a clinical psychologist and one of the country's leading experts in marriage, relationships, and self development. She advocates a unique and at times controversial approach to the dynamics of marriage and personal development, the necessary element for a successful relationship. Read more »

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