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Women who Lead

Not too long ago, the aspiration of all women to break the invisible glass ceiling and take their duly deserved positions of power, authority and influence, was just that: an aspiration. It is no longer the case. Not to say that full equality has been achieved in American boardrooms, but significant strides have been made in the advancement of women in leadership positions. I am here to report that the progress is on track and ongoing. But irrespective of the positive changes, there is still one place in society where the leadership of women cannot be left wanting. That is the heroic position they occupy as head of the household.

Being the head of the household remains the most important position of power women occupy. It is a dominion where their leadership is unquestioned but goes unrewarded. Sitting on this throne, failure is not an option and performance must be at the optimum. No amount of success a woman achieves in business or in her particular profession will be given its due, if she fails as a wife and a mother. If she does, the criticism is real and, dare I say, warranted. Women may not like this statement, but it is the price of being a queen.

That said, I want to take this opportunity to praise all wives and mothers for being Captains of the Home-Management Industry in a manner that is selfless and altruistic. It does not matter whether you’re a fulltime stay-home mom or a CEO of your empire splitting your time between the home and the office, your job as the woman-of-the-household is multifaceted, unrelenting and its contributive value is immeasurable.

The job we do as wives and mothers is unique. Our wonderful husbands can lend a hand, and in some circumstances, they can even take full responsibility in the care-taking of children and house chores, but that does not supplant our contribution. No one can soothe, comfort and protect a child like a mother, and surely, no one can meet the needs of a husband better than his wife. An awesome responsibility lays on our shoulders and we must accept the burden enthusiastically, and perform the task without reprieve or contempt.

The world is run by women, not because of the bricks they lay or the appendectomies they perform, but because of the way they manage the household. It is a responsibility reserved only to queens who know what it means to be one. Leadership puts us on top—our rightful position, but the duty of a queen is far from the childhood fairytales. It is because of us that the world moves on and moves ahead. And for doing what our job impeccably, we may get a glance of appreciation from the hubby, or a muffled “thank-you” from a child rushing through the kitchen. That is fine and dandy, but the most satisfying praise, however, comes from one of our fellow queens, whose eye we catch in the midst of a chaotic world, and exchange a nod, as if to say, “Hail to you Sister Queen!”

This essay is my nod to all the queens—You, Women Leaders!

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