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Ask Dr. Tseday: February 24, 2010

AGB from Chino Hills, CA asks: You wrote about Tiger Woods last month on WestCoast Magazine. My husband and I liked very much what you had to say. We’re now curious about your thoughts about his media appearance the other day?

Dr. Tseday responds: Many who watched said he did not come across as genuinely sincere in his apology. I agree. What has remained in my head, however, was not that. It is the claim that he has a sex addiction. I suppose his PR crew needed to come up with something to repair his image. Afterall, the idea is that if one has an addiction of some sort, the degree of responsibility for an irresponsible behavior decreases. But Tiger does not have a sex addiction. It would be sad if he has bought that idea. Tiger lacks character, decency, honesty, and integrity. He should instead focus on these charactersitics he so lacks, rather than using sex addiction as a cover up.

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