Life Simplified - Winner of 2013 Telly Award

A 3-Second Marriage Makeover. Free.

1. Hold hands in the house.
2. Say “sorry” right away. The other must accept without reprimand, without attitude.
3. Look for each other in the house.
4. Say “I got it.”
5. Pay attention to each other.
6. Don’t end a fight by walking away from each other. If you do walk away, return quickly.
7. When one returns after a fight, the other must receive without reprimand, without attitude.
8. Greet each other at the door.
9. Do what the other likes, not what you like or what you want to do.
10. When one goes upstairs (or anywhere else) to change after coming home, follow. This creates opportunity to talk, share, connect.…or to maybe even sneak-in a little “funny business.”
11. Put each other to bed.
12. Touch her. Remind her of her sensuality.
13. Touch him. Remind him of his sexuality.
14. Touch each other sexually every time you get a chance.

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Dr. Tseday is a clinical psychologist and one of the country's leading experts in marriage, relationships, and self development. She advocates a unique and at times controversial approach to the dynamics of marriage and personal development, the necessary element for a successful relationship. Read more »

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