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Ask Dr. Tseday: September 1, 2009

YA from Atlanta, GA asks: YA from Atlanta, GA asks: My daughter is going away to college. I want to go with her to get her settled, but she doesn’t want me to accompany her. My feelings are hurt that she does not want me there. Not sure how to handle this. Advice please.

Dr. Tseday responds: No need for you to get emotional on this. It’s not about you. She’s exercising her independence and strength and wants to do it on her own. It is a good thing. So, spend time with her as much as you can before she leaves. Tell her how proud you are of her, and that she will be just fine (you’ll be fine too by the way). Equip her with all the necessities for college, bake her cookies, give her a big hug and a kiss and send her out the door. That’s it.

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