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Damaging Fantasies: Part I of II

There is misplaced arrogance in the disparaging comments women make when they talk about men's insatiable sexual appetite as somewhat of a weakness, for this appetite is not a handicap but a natural disposition worth celebrating. It is a bit shortsighted and uninformed to think that men's preoccupation with sex is volitional, and that with a little bit of self-control, maybe they can curb their canine-like behavior and act like the rest of us...
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Unsent Letter From A Wife

I write this after many weeks of contemplation and soul searching, and finally admitting my contribution to the difficulty in our marriage. I want to start fresh by listing the things I'm going to do differently from now on to show you my commitment to you, our marriage, and our family. From now on, I promise I will not…
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"Breakin' Dishes"

Oprah did not say much when she advised Rihanna not to go back to Chris Brown because the advise is as pragmatic as it is self-evident. It is true that one helps oneself by showing courage and not returning to an abusive partner, but doing do is half the battle. It is quite possible, if not highly probable that if Rihanna, to her own credit, leaves Chris Brown, she will end up in a new relationship with one who has not abused her yet. If Rihanna does not learn how to pick the right partner, leaving Chris Brown is only delaying the inevitable.
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Once Beaten Forever Shy

We all fight in relationships. It happens. It is one thing to fight with our loves ones, but it is another to fight ugly. The fighting is supposed to better us and our relationship, not to instigate or flare up old wounds and confirm irreconcilable differences that end the relationship. If we want to end the relationship, why go through all this nastiness in being hurtful to each other; just walk away and call it quits.
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An Affair To Forget

She came to my office very angry and hurt. She wanted to find out what to do about the ultimate betrayal her husband committed: an affair. She was certain of this because she checked his email and cell phone records, and found out that he has been talking to a woman many times a day for hours at a time.
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Success Depends On You

Visiting a therapist is not the same as visiting a medical doctor. While the similarity is self-explanatory, the difference is less obvious thus worth noting since many of my past and existing patients do not have a grasp of this subtle yet important disparity. In short, one is interactive and the other is not, and this distinction is absolutely necessary for therapy to succeed.
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Marriage: Make It Business

To think of marriage as business not only sounds outrageous, it also goes against everything we have come to know and believe it to be. But this thinking is necessary. Business has certain qualities and characteristics marriage can afford to emulate. Just like business, marriage should be clear, dry and straightforward, leaving no room for feelings including love.
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Pack Her Bags And Send Her Out The Door

When you decided to marry your wife, you did so because you love her. You wanted to spend the rest of your life with someone who is a beautiful human being. She is caring and supportive, positive and fun. Your wife is easy to talk to and she listens. You have the same goals in life, the same perspective on things. You want to accomplish together. She is a good friend, good partner and good company. She makes you happy.
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Hollywood Marriages

Showbiz is an industry like no other; it takes more out of people than it gives back. We all know the fame and the lucrative lifestyle it offers but we may not be all aware that it deprives us from practicing societal core values if we choose to do so in our relationships.
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Using Sex As A Weapon and The Other 6 Biggest Mistakes Married Women Make

Have you ever withheld sex? Think again. It has a significant impact on your relationship. There are seven mistakes that women typically make in a marriage.
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