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My Beloved Wife

Not too long ago, I had a chance to spend time with a couple who has been married over 27 years. They talked a great deal about themselves and about the happiest and the most difficult times of their marriage. They told me what they loved and appreciated about each other. I want to share with you what the husband said to his wife when I asked him why he is happily married.

During this quiet time I have been afforded, I want to tell you how I truly feel about you and about us. I want to be honest and tell you, not what you want to hear, but why I think I have the best wife in you and why our marriage is my most prized possession. I know I could have thrown in all the cliché words out there and surround them with as many “I Love You’s” as I could to express my deepest gratitude that I have for you, but I would rather not.

When every person on the highway is rushing to get to work in fear of not arriving late, my anxiousness is when I am driving back home because I cannot wait to see you. I look forward to seeing your face because you always welcome me with a smile and excitement. But most importantly, when I get home, I know you will be expecting me with a positive attitude regardless how bad of a day you have had. I know you are going to be loving, supportive, and enthusiastic to see me. It is so freeing to never have to calculate or speculate on what awaits me when I walk through the door.

You make all of my dreams come true. That is why I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do not have to guess, worry, or walk on eggshells when I get home because I know only joy and happiness awaits me. The minute I get home, you give me love and attention exactly the way I want it, exactly the way I like it. You make it very easy for me to love you back and to reciprocate all the good feelings you bestow upon me.

Never have you held a grudge and made me walk a tight rope. Never have you held any of my past mistakes above my head where I felt uneasy coming back home. I always enter our home knowing fully that we will laugh together and fight together. But all our laughter will be is as genuine as our disagreements. You make me feel like a king who is loved by all in his kingdom without ever letting me forget that the king needs to take out the trash, wash the dishes, and put the kids to bed.

Oh, how I do not mind being that king with callous hands and a tight back who comes home to find his wife tend to his very needs and let him tend to hers. For this lucky king has a wife who is his friend and his lover; his clown and his counsel. Oh, how much I love you and I want to be with you.

Thank you, my beloved wife.

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  1. Denita Skinner
    Posted 03/05/10 at 5:03 PM | Permalink

    That is exactly how it is supposed to be for the husband to feel. He said you make it easy to love back. I want to love my husband like that but he doesn’t make it easy for me. I don’t hold over his head the big mistake he had made. I still treat him like my husband. I admit that I don’t greet him with a smile when he comes home nor excitment. Because it’s just too hard to do when your heart has been ripped out.

  2. H
    Posted 08/25/14 at 1:44 AM | Permalink

    I just love this website. Thank you for the beautiful articles Dr. Tseday. It is wonderful to be such a wife. But it is more wonderful when both the hsuband and wife are like that.

    It is a blessing to have marriage where both sides care about each other’s feelings.

    Marriage is a give-and-take. It is heaven on earth when both give and take.

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